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Medbery Awards

C.A. Medbery Teaching Award

C.A. Medbery Research Mentor Award

Medbery Teaching Award

The Citadel is always pleased to recognize and reward its outstanding teachers. As a primarily teaching institution it is especially important to do this. The C.A. Medbery Award has been set up to do just this - to reward dedicated, caring teachers in the sciences and technologies. Because of the additional challenges placed on freshman in these areas by the Fourth Class System, the Medbery Award is given annually to the faculty member who makes a significant contribution to the welfare of the students and is devoted to excellence in teaching at the freshman level in the areas of Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Civil Engineering, or Electrical Engineering.

These ideals were specifically chosen as the selection criteria because they were the ones that Professor Medbery believed in during his career at The Citadel as a member of the Department of Chemistry.


Year Recipient Year Recipient
1986 James A Browning 2000 Jean-Marie Pages
1987 Gerald L Runey 2001 Carey Rushing
1988 Leslie H Crabtree 2002 Lisa A Zuraw
1989 T Clark Bowman 2003 Alix Darden
1990 A Ray Ballentine 2004 Stacy Brown
1991 David R Trautman 2005 John Murden
1992 Charles F Jumper 2006 Jean-Marie Pages
1993 Smokey McAfee 2007 Russell Hilleke
1994 Patrick R Briggs 2008 Kevin C. Bower
1995 Kenneth P Brannan 2009 Kathy Zanin
1996 John R Braun 2010 Mark McKinney
1997 Russell H Stout, Jr 2011 Margaret Francel
1998 Charels E Cleaver 2012 Dr. Ronald E. Hemingway
1999 Mei Chen


Medbery Research Mentor Award

Members of the Chemistry Department may be considered for this award if they agree to serve as a research director on a student research project during at least one summer term.

To be considered for this award, the applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a member of the Chemistry Department faculty
  • Be a research mentor for an undergraduate student in the summer
  • Submit a brief outline of the research project including projected benefits to the student and faculty member


Year Recipient Year
2002 Kevin Crawford 2010 Holly Bevsek
2011 Ronald Hemingway
Michael Dorko
2012 Blakely Adair
Holly Bevsek
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