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Fulbright Fellow

"Being in the Honors Program at The Citadel was one of the best decisions I made as a cadet. The small classes and group discussions were exactly what I wanted and allowed me to flourish as a student.
It also helped me tremendously when it came time for applying to post-graduate opportunities like medical school and the Fulbright Program."

Arthur Maine Baker, III
Class of 1999

During the summers following his sophomore and junior years at The Citadel, Honors Program student Arthur Baker participated in the Medical University of South Carolina's Summer Undergraduate Research Program. He did significant work with Alicia Jenkins, MD, Division of Endocrinology-Diabetes-Medical Genetics, to develop means of diagnosing diabetes before that disease does irreparable damage to the kidneys. His first summer was spent learning various laboratory and research skills and analyzing blood samples from people with and without diabetes. The results of the research were valuable and contributed to the acquisition of funding from the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation International to extend the studies.

The following summer, Arthur learned more preparation and analytical techniques and became involved at a more clinical level. He was able to visit dialysis clinics and meet people whose kidneys had failed them, people who were going blind, and people having amputations and heart attacks at young ages. He went on rounds with doctors and listened as the progress of each patient was noted. He was able to see and speak with the people his research was trying to help.

During this research project he worked with people from seven different countries and was exposed to aspects of their diverse cultures. The study Arthur has been involved in has produced exciting results, possibly capable of revealing which people with diabetes are at especially high risk of complications and of suggesting means to prevent these harmful effects. It has now become an international collaborative study between America, Norway, and Australia. The doctors wish to share patient samples and knowledge to facilitate progress for people with diabetes worldwide. As a Fulbright Fellow, Arthur will spend a year in Melbourne assisting in the preparations and analysis of patient samples and passing on the methodology he has learned . He will also be trained in the techniques that the researchers in Melbourne have expertise in, which will benefit his mentors in the United States.

Upon his return home, Arthur plans to attend medical school and serve his local and global community. Being a Fulbright Scholar will help him achieve these goals.

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