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Transfer Credit
A maximum of six hours credit for graduate courses from an accredited institution (including consortia and AACSB-accredited institutions) may be approved for transfer (except BADM 740), provided: (1) that those courses are determined to be equivalent to one of the advanced or elective courses at The Citadel, (2) that grades of "B" or better were received in the courses being considered for transfer credit, and (3) that credit for the courses was earned within the five years prior to admission into The Citadel MBA program.

All students are expected to maintain high academic standards. Any student who receives one "F" or more than 2 "C's" (including C+) will be dismissed from the MBA program for academic insufficiency. Note: An incomplete "I" is converted to an "F" if the work is not completed within the guidelines established by the college.

Requirements for Graduation
The degree of Master of Business Administration may be conferred upon those students who successfully complete the 36 hours of graduate course work as specified above with a grade-point ratio (GPR) of 3.0 or better on hours earned at The Citadel. Completion of more than 36 credit hours of advanced graduate coursework will only be allowed (for exceptional circumstances) with approval of the Director of the MBA program. 

Appeals Policy
Students who believe that there are circumstances surrounding their academic status which make a dismissal action unfair or inappropriate may appeal that action to the MBA Committee. All appeals should be made in writing and addressed to Kathy Jones - MBA Program Director, The Citadel, School of Business, Bond Hall, Room 275, 171 Moultrie Street, Charleston, South Carolina 29409.

Study Away Credit Policy
Students who participate in study away elective seminar courses may take 100% of their elective course credits for such academic work.