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Download General Rosa and CAPT. Paluso message to the Parents of the Freshmen Class.

Whether you live out-of-state, your vehicle has a "native" sticker, or you wear the ring, you will need to know the information that affects your son or daughter in every area of academic and campus life. Each year at The Citadel brings exciting opportunities as well as unique challenges for your family.

This page is a central location to house all of the facts and figures that matter as well as the news and information that pertains specifically to you. There are so many reasons to be proud to be a parent in the Citadel family. Discover, gather, and stay informed.

As part of the Citadel family, we would like to acquaint you with the numerous support services and resources available to your cadet and encourage you to become an integral partner in your cadet’s college education. Many studies suggest that parental involvement not only increases student success but also improves graduation rates; therefore, we hope that this webpage will help you stay connected to not only The Citadel but also to your cadet.

When your cadet leaves home, perhaps for the first time, your direct supervision may seem to diminish, but the numerous support services and resources at the College will, hopefully, help to limit your parental concerns. Therefore, we have included topics we have found to be of interest to parents and families of Citadel cadets and contact information for an abbreviated list of campus contacts.

As you navigate this webpage, we hope you learn useful information about the College’s programs, resources, policies, and procedures, as well as find answers to your questions. We have sought to gather together in one place basic information about the College, provide answers to practical questions or point you to the right resource, and generally convey a sense of what The Citadel is all about. We welcome any questions or suggestions you wish to share with us, so please send your comments to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

You can anticipate change as Citadel cadets generally go through a four-stage process while attending college: prepare, serve, lead, and command, and many freshman cadets experience their first year in an exploratory mode.

Their freshman year is spent not only learning about the college world but also learning about the military terms and customs. In addition, cadets are meeting new people, attending events not previously encountered, getting settled into the barracks, thinking about the future in vague terms, and beginning to experiment with new activities and potential career directions.

Their sophomore year brings about greater definition. Generally, cadets make a greater commitment to their chosen field, become more involved on campus, invest themselves in the Citadel experience, and often seek out leadership opportunities. In addition, all sophomores participate in community service helping them understand their community and putting others before themselves.

During their junior year, cadets often seek out leadership opportunities and develop their awareness of the world beyond the campus—many students take advantage of Study Abroad programs as well as community service and internships.

In their senior year, cadets begin to research where their major and interests are taking them; many must make choices about military service and see gaining relevant experience as important. During their last year, cadets usually implement their plans. They pursue concrete steps designed to launch them from the campus including preparing for the job market and finalizing career preparations.

For more information about the Citadel’s services, resources, policies and procedures, please visit the links on the sidebar to the left.


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